NBA 2K12 Mobile App — Action on the Go: Sports Video Game Review

My son and I love sports video games. We will try nearly any major sports game, and we buy and keep only those that we like the best. We really like NBA 2K12 for Nintendo Wii, so when we saw it available for our mobile devices – iPod and iPad – we just had to download the applications. The mobile versions have proved just as great as the game console versions.

Availability – Lite and full versions

NBA 2K12 for mobile devices is available in Apple iPad and iPod with the iOS operating system . We have it on both devices, but we could not get to the game through a PC; we had to go directly to the App Store on each device. The lite version is available as a free download from the App Store on either device. The full version costs only $9.99. Both are permanent.

The free lite version has limited game play features and allows only exhibition games between the 2011 NBA Finalists Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. Still, though, for free, we have no complaints. It is great for a trial or occasional game play. The full version has most of the same game play and additional features as does NBA 2K11 for video game consoles such as Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 3. I recommend the full version for true NBA video game fanatics. It is well worth the $9.99.

How to play

There are two ways to play NBA 2K12 on the iPad. Players can select either Classic or One Finger control mode.

Classic control has a virtual joystick for moving the player with the ball on offense or controlling one player on defense. A swipe on the screen will pass and shoot the ball. Swipe toward the desired receiver to pass, or swipe toward the basket to shoot. Defensively, tap the player of choice to control and use the virtual joystick to move him around. Tap at the ball to try to steal or swipe at the shot to block it.

One finger control lets users tilt the device to move the players in the direction of the tilt. This gives the players more fluidity and more natural-looking movements. Use the same tap and swipe motions as with the classics control for selecting a player to control, passing, shooting, stealing, and blocking.

Graphics and announcing

Both versions are high definition, and on the iPad, they look absolutely amazing, almost as if watching a real NBA game on an HDTV. I like my sports games to look and sound as authentic as possible. Announcers Clark Kellogg and Kevin Harlan sound as real as I have heard in any sports video game. Each new game sounds fresh and new with enough variation to avoid excess repetition. With some other games, I have greatly lowered or muted the sound so I would not keep hearing the same comments. I do not have to do that with NBA 2K12 on any of my devices.

Additional features

The lite version allows users to post their favorite screenshots to Facebook and Twitter. With airplay support, users can broadcast their games onto their HDTV with the proper capabilities.

The full version has all of lite’s features but adds season mode with playoffs and the Michael Jordan Challenge that lets users play as the NBA’s greatest players from the past and present. Users can also use Game Center (with WiFi) to compare their own performances with those of game friends and other users.

Comparison to other systems

I have played NBA 2K12 on Nintendo Wii, Apple iPod and Apple iPad 2. All three versions play equally well. They offer hours of sports video game action. My son and I really like competing against each other on our Wii, and now we can play on the go as well. I claim NBA 2K12 as the best basketball video game I have played so far.


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Raymond grew up in the days of Atari and watched the progression of home video game consoles. He has played sports games on most consoles and personal computers as they became available. He now owns multiple game systems and enjoys most professional sports games.