Talisman Online Guide to Assassin Armor

The free mmorpg game from Miracle Castle, Talisman Online is a complete fantasy role playing game that has all of the characters that are typical of the games (spellcasters, hunters, etc) and challenges and quests to keep you busy. It is not in a beta or alpha tester stage, it is the complete game. You can see the full game and its features at talismanonline.
One of these characters you are able to create is called the Assassin. This is the damage dealer with stealth and swiftness. It is has some of the darkest and chaotic armor in the game. There are specific things that the assassin can wear in the game in the form of armor types. This article will tell you what armor sets you can wear as an assassin at what level you are in the game. They will be in order of newest armor types to the most seasoned player armor types, with the levels in parenthesis.

Blue Field Set

The Blue Field Set has six pieces and these are: Blue Field Cuff (level 2), Blue Field Armguard (3), Blue Field Kneepad (4), Blue Field Boots (5), Blue Field Belt (6), and Blue Field Cuirass (8).

Purple Crystal Set

The Purple Crystal Set’s six pieces include the Purple Crystal Cuff (12), Purple Crystal Armguard (13), Purple Crystal Kneepad (14), Purple Crystal Boots (15), Purple Crystal Belt (16), and the Purple Crystal Cuirass (18).

Sky Thunder Set

The Sky Thunder Set has six pieces and they include the Sky Thunder Cuff (22), Sky Thunder Armguard (23), Sky Thunder Kneepad (24), Sky Thunder Boots (25), Sky Thunder Belt (26), and the Sky Thunder Cuirass (28).

Hundred Fights Set

The Hundred Fights Set’s six pieces include the Hundred Fights Cuff (32), Hundred Fights Armguard (33), Hundred Fights Kneepad (34), Hundred Fights Boots (35), Hundred Fights Belt (36), and the Hundred Fights Battle Cuirass (38).

Demon Ruin Set

The Demon Ruin Set has six pieces and they include the Demon Ruin Cuff (42), Demon Ruin Armguard (43), Demon Ruin Kneepad (44), Demon Ruin Boots (45), Demon Ruin Belt (46), and the Demon Ruin Battle Cuirass (48).

Greedy Wolf Set

The Greedy Wolf Set’s six pieces include the Greedy Wolf Cuff (52), Greedy Wolf Armguard (53), Greedy Wolf Kneepad (54), Greedy Wolf Boots (55), Greedy Wolf Belt (56), and the Greedy Wolf Battle Cuirass (58).