New World Builds: Musket & Rapier


Musket & Rapier Build centers around utilizing Musket to pick off the distant enemies or player opponents and then using the Rapier when they’re in a melee range. It’s both, a PVE and PVP build, which is good in landscape areas, as well as while fighting other players. So, if you’re seeking a genuine build related to muskets and rapiers, then this guide is especially for you.

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Working of the build

The opening will always be the Musket’s Burning Status effect with the Powder Burn ability. This won’t only inflict increased damage, but also deal 20% weapon damage every second for the next nine seconds. Your opponents will deal damage as they run towards you with this burn, allowing you to defeat with a single blow, as they’ll be weakened to that level of health.

After that, you can utilize Traps to fixate the enemy at a given point to finish them off with the followed blow, or if you want to conserve your ammunition, then you can finish them off with a Rapier. The concept of this build is to fight at a range, and only use the Rapier when it’s necessary. You will be using plenty of ammunition along with the battle, so that’s primarily why we’ll be listing down how to make them and where to locate the materials to do so.


Both the weapons of this build scales with Dexterity and Intelligence, making them an outstanding pair. Both the weapons scale mainly with Dexterity, so you need to prioritize it while allocating the attribute points. Add them while leveling up to maximize the attack and per-shot damage, and only place the points into Intelligence once you’ve maxed out Dexterity. The more damage you inflict, the lesser shots you will need to fire, thus, allowing you to save plenty of ammunition.

Besides that, get your Constitution to around 50 to make the healing consumable more effective (20%). It’s because you will be chugging consumables in both, PVP and PVE scenarios throughout your gameplay.

Musket Skills

Powder Burn

Power Burn is an opening skill to set a powerful DOT on the enemy target that’s based on your respective damaging weapon. The better weapon you possess, the better damage is inflicted. It’s also quite effective against players because they can continue to take damage over time when you panic heal. For instance, if you hit them with Power Shot, they will end up panic healing, but concerning Powder Burn, it ensures that some of their health is diminished.

Sticky Bomb

Sticky Bomb is a little unwieldy, but once you get a proper hand at it, then there’s nothing stopping you from inflicting immense damage. Even though it’s situational, it offers the AOE that Musket sorely lacks, for New World Build Guide. It’s good for PVE scenarios when you pull in too many enemies, and it’s also good for PVP battles when the opponents are grouped together. Use it on enemies that are stuck in your Trap, and then fire into them for burst damage.


Traps are best utilized in PVE than PVP scenarios, but they work well in both. They can trap the enemy in place, slowing you get to land an easy and clean shot on them, which is great against aggressive enemies or player opponents. Once they’re upgraded to their extent, you can place down two Traps at the same time.

Rapier Skills


Flurry inflicts immense damage quickly, but it can be quite difficult to appropriately complete the entire combo. You can utilize it with Riposte when the enemy can no longer move so that all your hits are successfully landed, for New World Rapier. If you land the ability behind an opponent, it will crit every strike and cause significant damage.


Riposte is absolutely necessary and outstanding as it lands an attack and then stuns the enemy target. It can parry plenty of attacks at the same time if multiple targets attack it once, which then makes it highly effective. You can use it against the enemies you get into the melee range first, and then counterattack after, or you can stun them to get out of the melee range.


Fleche allows you to dodge through the enemy target while placing you right behind or away from them. It also inflicts damage at the same time. You can use it to cover the distance on the opponent who is trying to get away from your Musket range or use it to get away if you’re outnumbered and there’s no chance at winning.

Weapons & Armor

When it comes to New World Muskets, you need to look out for the ones with Dexterity attributes to enhance the damage output, alongside other perks that can help too. If you have a weapon with a gem socket, you need to obtain an Onyx gem to increase the damage against NPCs with full health. Besides that, Crit Damage is also good to guarantee Crit by targeting the head of the enemy.

Speaking of New World Rapier, once again Dexterity attribute is important to increase the overall damage, alongside Light & Heavy attack damage. Crit Chance is phenomenal as you won’t always hit the backside of a target, and you won’t be able to constantly aim for the head for generated Crits.

Speaking in terms of Armor, for New World Build Guide you would likely want to consider the Light variant for +20% improved damage. It’s highly recommendable for both, PVP and PVE scenarios. Look for Dexterity or Dexterity + Intelligence in your armor pieces to maximize the damage with every hit.