Using Professions in WoW to the Benefit of Everyone

Every now and then I get wrapped up in the buying and selling of my guilds overflowing guild bank inventory that I forget about how it all started. I remember a friend had just cheated me out of roughly 230 gold and I was now broke. I then remembered the old saying, “There is strength in numbers.” and the other “professions are the main way to be successful in WoW economics.” I began wondering how to use these tidbits of information when it hit me. I would create a professions empire and center the guild I ran as the heart of the operations.
I quickly reorganized my guild to suite the business model I had chosen. I decided to start with skinning. I quickly began to recruit people to the guild and made it a requirement to have skinning as a profession in order to be admitted. Over the next few days I formed my board that would help me make the decisions. This board consisted of 4 officers and myself. In order for anything to get changed or put into affect, a majority vote would be needed. I then began hiring workers, paying then just under market for the leather. I was mostly getting ruined leather scraps and light leather, and at only 10 skinners and 10 people to pay, all the money was being put into the business through payroll or the board bettering the guild vault to hold more leather.

I realized after about 2 and a half weeks that I needed to hire more skinners and needed to expand my horizons. I quickly called a meeting and proposed to hire 20 more skinners, 1 leatherworker, 2 enchanters and made it a requirement to donate 3 green items per week. The business was finally succeeding. I made sure that the leather I was buying went to the leatherworker and that the green items were disenchanted and the materials stored in the vault until the end of the month.

My guild now has 3 tabs. 1 is for leather, the second is for green items and better to disenchant, and the 3rd is for disenchanted mats to be sold. I have passed a set of bylaws that must be followed in order to conduct a day of business of anykind. I also control the money going in and out of the vault. Our gold on hand in the vault has gone from a few gold to 2000 gold in a matter of a few months. I am about to expand out to form another guild with our more promising employees and let the board handle the current one with weekly reports to me.

All in all it is easy to use professions and basic play to get money. You just need to have the brains to think for yourself, and you can be the next Whienath or Bankers of WOW. Before you can have a successful business, you are going to need a few things and are going to need to do some things.

Have List:

1.A good idea of how much you can pay your employees to keep them working for you while still making a large enough profit.

2.Enough employees to fill the demand you most likely will be having. less than 2 but no more than 4 other people to help you run it.

  1. A sense of fairplay

Do List:

1.Take control of your finances and put away a little silver each day until you have enough for a down payment on a supply of goods.

2.Get some practice making trades with small amounts of resources and materials before trading in large quantities.

3.Get the auctioneer add on and scan daily, if not every time you log on.