Runescape: Guide to Training Fishing

Fishing has many uses and therefore is a skill in Runescape worth learning. Fishing can be used for healing your hitpoints, training your cooking level, selling for money etc.
Level 1-5

You’ve just begun to train your fishing, you should have already got your crayfish cage and small fishing net. If you haven’t, go to the fishing store nearby the lumbridge castle and general store and grab 1, they’re free so you don’t need to prepare any money. There are a few places for your level to train at, Draynor Village, Lumbridge and Al-Kharid. I recommend you go to Draynor if you want to bank your fishes because there’s a bank really close to the fishing area, but you can only fish shrimps. If you’re just interested in training, you can fish in Lumbridge, which is behind the sheep, because there is a general store and fishing store nearby in which you can sell your fishes to. I don’t recommend you go to Al-Kharid because there are scorpions which will attack you if you have a low combat level.

Level 5-20

Now that you are level 5, you can start using a fishing rod. Buy some bait, either from the fishing shop, or the Grand Exchange, whichever is cheaper. Now, I still recommend you go to Draynor, because it is close by to the bank. Remember to click bait, instead of net when you’re fishing.

Level 20-40

You’ve reached level 20 in fishing now! Now you have access to the fastest way to train your fishing in Runescape as a non-member – Fly Fishing. Instead of using bait, now just buy a fly fishing rod and feathers (or you could kill chickens for them) and head over to Lumbridge. This time, instead of going behind the sheep, go across the Lumbridge river, so that you are on the opposite side of the river to the Lumbridge castle. Just start fishing, and when you’re done, you could either bank them in the Lumbridge bank or you could sell the fish to the general store or fishing shop.

Level 40-50

Now that you’ve reached level 40 in fishing, you can now fish one of the most traded fish for non-members, the Lobster. All you need is a lobster cage, no bait, feathers or anything like that is needed. You’d need 60gp though to make a run to and back from Karamja, because that is the only place non-members can fish lobsters besides going to the wilderness and risk being attacked by revenants. If you have the explorer ring 3, then you only need 30gp because you can just use the cabbage teleport.

Level 50-99

You now have access to fishing all the fishes non-members have to offer with level 50 fishing. You can fish swordfish, which sells for a higher price than lobsters, but the are caught along with tuna. I usually just run to the general store in Karamja to sell them or I just drop them. But remember, fly fishing is still the quickest way to train fishing as a non-member in Runescape.

Have fun fishing and playing Runescape